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MENA Speakers Launch KnoWho Market

MENA Speakers Launch KnoWho Market

MENA Speakers has launched KnoWho Market, a leading platform that connects corporations and organizations with experts and speakers to offer a job marketplace. KnoWho Market is matchmaking speakers and knowledge seekers for events, conferences, workshops and even on an individual basis. The ultimate knowledge-trading platform is available in the Middle East.

As the UAE is recognised as a business hub of the Middle East, more and more companies rely on the talents of speakers to improve the employees’ skill-sets in soft-skills such as sales, negotiation and others, as well as to anchor changes and strategic decisions. MENA Speakers launched this initiative to identify the speakers of the MENA region to give a platform to the MENA people to express themselves and get an opportunity to get identified and recognized for their speaking talent. This platform is perfect for speakers in the region seeking to become professionals and get the reach they need to share their vision.

The platform consists of know profiles from the global speaker’s community such as Saana AzzamOmar Al BusaidyKhalid AlQoud, Sara Al Madani and other international speakers such as HE President Thabo Mbeki of South Africa and John Maxwell. “We want to hear human stories from all walks of life that will inspire others to become better or do better. MENA Speaks would like to give all the inspiring speakers a platform to get recognised for their talent. Everyone is welcome to be a part of this project and we would like to hear the voices of the MENA region, and what makes us all unique,” said Saana Azzam, the Founder and Managing Director of MENA Speakers.

MENA Speakers is the leading speakers’ bureau in the Middle East with a strategic vision of becoming the biggest exporter of Middle Eastern voices to the world. A business that is first in the region to showcase Arab role models.

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