Organic & Launches Online Store

With a mission to make organic food the first choice of consumers, and make it all easily available under one roof, Organic & has today announced the launch of its online food store. The company aims to deliver organic food to every corner of the world, encouraging a healthier and happier switch. Educating everyone on the benefits of clean eating, the company aims at securing the welfare of the coming generations. The online store offers a comprehensive range of authentic and certified organic food products, providing an infinitely more convenient option for all shopping needs, with a first-of-its-kind option to source healthy food from any part of the world.

Organic & is one of the largest online marketplaces for ‘Certified Organic’, ‘Natural’, ‘Vegan’, ‘Gluten Free’ And ‘Free From’ range of products. Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, the company has more than 3,000 products across multiple categories and they work directly with local farmers, and local and international certified organic brands to house a vast variety of the freshest and healthiest range of food products.

Rooted in the principles of health, care and sustainability, Organic &’s story began with a passion to offer truly wholesome food that specifically caters to helping people understand the importance of choosing non-GMO, pesticide- and chemical free food products, which in turn would help them live life to the fullest, while simultaneously benefiting farmers and the planet.

“My quest for sampling varied cuisines across different countries formed the base of what Organic & is today. I have always been a big foodie, but it is during my experience running our family’s hospital that I realized what the currently available industrially-produced food was doing to our health. I saw so many people suffering from lifestyle-related health problems, even at a very young age. Diabetes and cancer became commonplace, and all this could be traced back to the dangerous chemicals used in the industrially-farmed food that we are eating. That is when I decided to embark on a mission to offer safe and healthy choices of food products for everyone,” said Manu Mahdi, the founder of Organic & Real.

Manu Mahdi aims to build a company that will provide simple solutions to transform our current lifestyle and be able to easily purchase organic and natural food products in that pursuit. With a global aspiration to expand to 20 countries in five years, Organic & is committed to encourage and help farmers go organic, building a better environment in the process, and constantly strives to create a market for organic products to support the individual, the environment and the society through their efforts.

The company currently works with a large network of farmers, encouraging them to grow organic crops and working with them to promote farming techniques that are beneficial to public health and promote economic profitability for farmers, too. Organic & also plans to add more options for environmentally-sustainable, and organic non-food items to their product catalogue in the near future.


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