Trriple Shows FinTech Solutions at Arab Future Cities Summit 2018

Trriple, a UAE-based fintech start-up, is the Smart Payment Partner of the Arab Future Cities Summit 2018. Digital payments are transforming customer experiences, bringing users the convenience and efficiency to carry out their transactions electronically. Innovation in FinTech has resulted in user-friendly solutions such as the Trriple mobile wallet, and these innovations are recognized as key pillars of a smart city.

“At Trriple, our aim is to accelerate regional cities’ journeys towards an inclusive, digital economy. We are working hard to create an enhanced connected experience for our mobile wallet users, making technology an integral part of daily life”, said Paolo Gagliardi, Chief Executive Officer, Trriple. “The interest around – and commitment towards – a future in a Smart City is laying the foundation for significant innovation in solutions that will actually impact lives and business in these cities. We are proud to partner with the Arab Future Cities Summit to showcase our view of the future, and demonstrate what we have already built.”

At the Summit, Trriple will be showcasing its pioneering mobile wallet application, aimed to enable financial inclusivity for smart users. The mWallet was recently launched, offering users a wealth of services and features with the ability to top-up their mobile wallets with cash at approximately 3,000 top-up points across the UAE. They can also conduct local and international air-time top-up, peer-to-peer local transfers, and retail payments. Additionally, Trriple has also launched a loyalty program that rewards users in points that are redeemable for merchant vouchers.


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