GrowMe’s Workshop to Help Businesses Get Exhibition-Ready

With exhibition season around the corner, GrowMe, a catalyst for change in Middle East and Africa’s business world, today announced that it is hosting a workshop for small and medium businesses to help them prepare for the exhibition season. The four-hour workshop, entitled “Exhibition Ready aims to equip small businesses, especially start-ups with the right strategy to make the most of their participation.

Maria Pearson, co-Founder of GrowMe, said, “Most businesses are so focused on what they are doing at work that they lose opportunities that come their way at the exhibition by not preparing themselves well enough to make the most of their participation.”

According to Pearson, while most will have an idea of why they are at a particular exhibition (like the tech businesses at Gitex Future Stars). “Most will not have a strategy and plan in place to prepare for, manage and follow up on their presence,” she added.

The workshop, primarily aimed at start-ups is scheduled for Wednesday, 12 September 2018, in the afternoon at In5 Tech. It will take the attendees through the planning, tools and tricks to ensure they get the ROI from their participation including help with creating the look, feel and follow up to convert the audience to leads and customers.

The workshop will:

  • Set goals for exhibition outcomes
  • Design key messages for target segments
  • Identify lead generation capture and follow up strategies
  • Create a to do and next steps checklist

For details on the event and to register, visit the event page.


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