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MyWealth Platform Launches in the Middle East

MyWealth Platform Launches in the Middle East

Dorsum has launched the My Wealth app at the Middle East Banking and Innovation Summit in Dubai. The mobile application provides easy to understand performance presentations, financial planning, targets and forecasts on for the investors. The investors can receive personalized notifications and news and they are able to easily invest new money in less than a minute. They can also easily organize a meeting and call or chat with a financial advisor.

The My Wealth app offers a unique bridge between the advisor and the investor. In addition, the client is able to talk with a self-learning AI powered chatbot, receive automatically portfolio related notifications, documents or can send a request to his/her financial advisor to take over the conversation. With this app it has never been easier for financial advisors to stay in contact with the investors any place or at any time.

Thomas Buemsen, Managing Director Middle East at Dorsum Zrt. said, “Dorsum is committed to delivering the most innovative technology to the wealth management industry. Dorsum’s smart and easy to use solutions are designed to help surpass clients’ digital needs, while meets the ever-increasing expectations of the modern mobile generation and expectations of the new type of investors. The Middle East region and the UAE in particular is leading the world in its adoption of the latest –financial technology to maximise customer service.  Many banks In the Middle East have a large advisor network and many clients prefer human interaction when it comes to investing. We believe a hybrid service model combining human interaction with automated and mobile digital services will revolutionize the future of wealth management, led by banks in this region. This is where our My Wealth app comes in and we have been delighted by the interest shown in the app at the Summit.”

Imre Rokob, Director of Business Development at Dorsum, added, “Changing investment habits and the blast of non-financial players brought new standards to the industry in terms of advisory process and investment experience expectations. Present-day investors want to manage their portfolios on the go while staying in control in an efficient and intuitive way.”

Dorsum focuses on client engagement by offering a customisable achievement system that helps to track financial goals and motivates you to use the app more frequently. Gamification of the Wealth app engages clients by offering educational content that allows them to get a better understanding of an investment’s risk profile. Furthermore, it can also be used to improve client satisfaction by adding various incentives like discounts or unlocking new features and products.

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