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Jobs-Expert.com Offers Free Online Course for UAE Job Seekers

Jobs-Expert.com Offers Free Online Course for UAE Job Seekers

Jobs-expert.com has announced that it will begin enrolling job seekers for a free course commencing on October 1, 2018 called “Job Searching in the UAE: The Basics For Success”. It’s the first “massive open online course” devoted entirely to the career development for professionals covering the entire region. The course can be accessed by students anywhere in the world.

This particular course has been designed to target high-calibre candidates including: professionals, temporary Residents of the UAE, Job Seekers from Abroad, Students and Graduates. Many talented individuals enter the UAE job market with a diverse range of skills but find difficulty securing a job due to many factors such as a rapidly shifting hiring landscape as well as intense competition.

Jobs-experts.com’s free online course is designed to enable these job seekers the tools they need to remain competitive in their chosen field. Whether course attendees are looking for their first job in the UAE, considering a mid-career change, or looking to move up the corporate ladder, jobs-experts.com’s online course is ideal for all level of job seekers. Key themes that will be explored include: “What does the Middle Eastern job market look like right now?”, “Which jobs will be most in demand in the UAE in the future?”, “How can you increase your chances of securing an interview for a job in Dubai?”, and “What is the most effective way to get a job in UAE for 3 months?” among others.

Led by Matthew Lewis, Senior Executive Search, Leadership and Executive Coaching expert with over 24 years of expertise in identifying, assessing and coaching talent at senior level executives, will explain how to prepare and succeed at a job interview in the Gulf States. Lewis will also cover job search strategies that are relevant to the region.

Lewis explains “more than ever its critical to had a targeted and professional approach to a new job search. The market is very competitive and standing out as unique is critical. In the build up to 2020 there is no better time to be considering a job in the region.”

The course lasts less than one hour and participants will receive a certificate upon completion. This course also provides attendees with other resources such as a list of popular employment websites that currently have vacancies.

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