BOUNCE Charts Aggressive Growth Plan Across MENA

Trampoline Park and entertainment group BOUNCE Inc. opened its seventh MENA venue in Riyadh last month, with the firm now boasting high-adrenaline venues in three GCC countries. The ladies only venue in Saudi Arabia is the first female only trampoline park in the world – not only representing a huge step forward for ladies’ entertainment in the city – but also demonstrating the success of the company’s aggressive expansion plan in the region.

The trampoline park, freestyle activity hub and ‘ninja training academy’ has grown from its first venue in Dubai to Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Jeddah, Doha and now Riyadh. With this recent addition, BOUNCE has grown to seven venues in four years across three countries, including an outlet at Dubai International Airport, and has recorded consistent YoY revenue growth of over 35 per cent. 

Doran Davies, CEO of BOUNCE Middle East.

BOUNCE has over 230,000 square foot of entertainment space across its venues and will triple this in two years as it aims to be present in seven countries by 2020. Doran Davies, CEO of BOUNCE Middle East, has revealed the ambitious firm has no plans to reduce the rate of growth anytime soon as it will open new venues in Beirut, Dubai and Muscat in 2019, while construction is also underway in Bahrain, Al Khobar and a second venue in Riyadh (KSA).  

He said: “We put an aggressive growth plan in place four years ago and we’ve been absolutely delighted to see that come to fruition ahead of schedule. The entertainment sector is largely underserved across the region, which represents a huge opportunity for our platform. Our roll-out plans include four new countries in the next 24 months. Expansion into Africa and East Asia is also on the cards for us at a later date.”

He added: “Along with growing the BOUNCE product our customers know and love, we’re also in the construction stage for two venues of our new Zero Latency concept – the world’s first Free Roam fully immersive virtual reality platform for the region.”

Along with wall to wall trampolines, BOUNCE has strategically evolved its produce adding other entertainment elements to its customers while also re-positioning the product from a hobby to a skill, encouraging kids and adults to develop their ‘freestyle’ skills and providing experts to guide them through it.

Doran continued: “We continually enhance our product by offering new innovation like Free Run (Parkour), the world’s largest cage football, zip lines and we’re the leading innovator in the Ninja Warrior space with our X Park Challenge course.

“However, the real differentiator was developing more than just a trampoline. Building a venue that inspires, develops, and grows your skills whilst being awesome fun. This is why we are the ‘Home of Freestyle’ – being more than what you ever thought you could be. A number of competitor trampoline parks have gone out of business in recent years and we believe it’s the move to a freestyle venue that has allowed us to progress so rapidly in such a tough marketplace.”

Along with diversifying its product, BOUNCE has also created new revenue streams, being awarded the BEST Birthday party venue in the region as well as a great Corporate Events facility. In September this year over 2,500 staff and their families from First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) were given exclusive use of the huge indoor playgrounds at BOUNCE in Al Ain, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

It was the biggest corporate event hosted by BOUNCE so far – with team-building activities specially designed to target leadership, teamwork and communication, as well as some healthy head-to-head competition.

Doran added: “We’ve seen the interest from the corporate market grow significantly, which we believe is due to these firms looking for a very different experience for their employees. Holding their special away days with us is a real chance to get their employees out of their comfort zones, while also pushing them together to work as a team. The FAB event was the first time we have run something like that in multiple venues across the UAE at the same time. It worked brilliantly and we had great feedback from the client, so this is definitely another target growth area for us.”


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