Businessmentals Intros Original Podcast Series

To help businesses understand all of the moving parts that go into running a business, Businessmentals has launched a weekly podcast. “Only 2 episodes old but steadily gaining listeners, the Businessmentals podcast (  is hosted by founder Steve Ashby, an entrepreneur, thinker and businessman with more than 35 years of experience,” said the company in a statement.

In each episode, Steve uses humour, anecdotes and keen insight to tackle a wide range of topics and questions that business owners and entrepreneurs will come up against as they build their own business. Whether it’s about the VAT survival guide, How to Plan for Success or The 7 Secret Steps to a successful business start-up, each episode focuses on key issues for small business owners and introduces Businessmentals’ offerings.

“We are not just discussing the issues but providing listeners with practical game-changing instruction and step-by-step solutions for forward-thinking businesses,” said Ashby, who founded Businessmentals just over a year ago. “We’re a tight global community of very experienced businesspeople, offering our know-how and expertise to our wider audience.  We’re driven by two things: The satisfaction of helping people round the world grow their businesses, and the sheer enjoyment of doing what we love.”

“Whether driving, sitting on the Dubai Metro, running on the beach or doing the housework, more than ever before we are choosing podcasts to keep us company. This is very evident with the small business owners who an increasingly large sector of the global working population. So it makes sense to reinforce our position as an innovative business solutions provider and deliver meaningful content with this medium,” added Ashby.

Listen to the Businessmentals podcast on any of your favorite platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Play Music, Soundcloud, and Stitcher or download and take it offline!


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