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Meal Delivery Startup Makemymeal.ae Initiates CSR Activity

Meal Delivery Startup Makemymeal.ae Initiates CSR Activity

Makemymeal.ae, a monthly subscription tiffin service startup has initiated a CSR movement. This is being done to raise awareness on global hunger issues like impulse eating and other poor eating habits, this Ramadan.

The objective of the campaign is to gift-a-meal is to serve 1 million meals over a span of six weeks that is supported by esteemed and renowned corporates in the UAE by delivering healthy and tasty Iftar meals. Also, every AED 1 spent on an order will be donated to Emirates Red Crescent to strengthen the authority role in the humanitarian sector.

Throughout the holy month of Ramadan, the startup will take the responsibility of not only preparing nutritious meals for the needy but will also deliver them to the respective locations all around UAE as requested by the individual corporations. Also, in collaboration with Red Crescent, the meal delivery startup is looking forward to offering a friendly and flexible approach to cater to the needs of the underprivileged.

Online food delivery has been a trend over the past few years that does not seem to fade anytime soon, for all the right reasons. Since then, the market has only experienced a peak given the convenience it offers. Consumers are not only provided with a varied range of food items on their smartphones but are also offered with the added benefits that come with it.

Leveraging on the opportunities the market brings, UAE’s growing tech-based meal service provider – Makemymeal.ae has initiated to give back to the wider community during Ramadan, as this is the glorious month of rewards and blessings, and the true beauty of this joyous occasion is elevated by sharing and being a part of this celebration with others. Along with serving the underprivileged, the startup aims to provide a balanced meal on a monthly basis with an array of food menu that is supported by 200+ food joints all around UAE.

Commenting on the Ramadan campaign Deepak Jain, Co-Creator at Makemymeal.ae claims “We are very excited and eager to action this campaign and collaborate with multiple corporates who would support this noble cause. The holy month of Ramadan is the time where many self-reflect and are thankful for what we have and achieved in our individual lives. Hence, there couldn’t be a better time to initiate this activity and contribute to preventing impulse eating and encouraging healthy and timely meals by simply gifting a meal to the needy and poor.”

Moreover, Deepak emphasizes on how technology has played a pivotal role in shaping diverse world issues, giving more clarity on communal problems that have been effectively executed with aid of expressing oneself through the efficient use of technology. He further adds “In this era, technology has certainly helped us to have a seamless relationship with our clientele and thoroughly understand their needs which can often be challenging if not for an increased rise in the internet and mobile usage.”

Since its inception, Makemymeal.ae is working towards solving simple hunger-related problems such as skipping a meal during lunch hours that can be substantially reduced by availing monthly subscription plans where meals will be delivered to the customer’s doorstep, thereby saving time, preventing impulse buying and following a healthier lifestyle.

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