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What to Expect From Your Real Estate Agent

Lewis Allsopp, CEO of Allsopp & Allsopp explains what clients should be expecting from their real estate agent

Transparency is a key characteristic that all agents should possess. Providing clients with honest feedback is a crucial element to aid the sale or rental of any home. Before putting a property on the market, the agent will provide the seller or landlord with evidential feedback when it comes to list price. The seller or landlord will be shown properties sold in the area as a comparison and to give a guide to the market price. It is so important that a property is never advertised above what it is worth as these properties will only be overlooked by buyers and will take a very long time to sell – if they even sell at all.

Follow-up’s are an integral part of a real estate agents’ job. After any activity on a property for sale or rent, a follow up to the seller or landlord is essential – especially after a viewing. Viewings give the landlord or seller vital information on their property. Whether the agent is calling with an offer or with feedback on why the potential tenant or buyer wasn’t interested in the property – it is fundamental that the seller or landlord is informed. This will give them insight into what buyers and tenants are expecting from a property within the community at market price.

Sellers and landlords can expect a monthly report and consistent communication from their agent from the beginning.  A catch-up on the activity on the property and steps made to market the property should be presented throughout. Likewise, a buyer and tenant should be contacted regularly with market updates and new properties becoming available.

An agent will provide a seller or landlord with the best marketing for their property. The agency chosen to sell or rent out a property should be able to promote the home in the best way possible on main property portals across Dubai.

Professional photographers should be available to take pictures of the home in its best light, but this is where a little help comes from the landlords and sellers – the home should be in an immaculate state. It is so important that the home is presented in a clean and decluttered state.

An agent will be providing the potential buyer or tenant with all information on their potential new home. Floor plans are essential and must be included in all advertisements. Moreover, a well written overview of the property including unique selling points and specific information, perhaps on the community or the property itself.

Area Knowledge
A good agent will have extensive knowledge of the area they work in. Many areas in Dubai have a vast majority of different property types of properties with different layouts. It is very important that an agent knows exactly what property types are available, what they are worth and what the community contains.

Agents who have years’ worth of experience in their area are worth their weight in gold. They can provide historical data of the prices over the years and the popularity of the area and types of property within the area.

The agent will also be informing potential buyers and tenants of the area highlights such as local amenities, nearby shops, schools, hospitals and distances to each. Providing an area tour and sharing all knowledge can be very helpful for new buyers and tenants.

After Sale Care
Choosing an agent who works for an agency with an after-sales care team will save everyone the time and stress that goes along with a property transfer. An after-sales care team with knowledge of the Dubai after sale processes is essential. Buyers and sellers should ensure the agent they choose has experience of property transfers and should be able to explain the process.

The agent will then put buyers and sellers in touch with the after-sales experts to answer any further questions and queries they may have. Some sales can fall through, the after-sales team make sure they do everything they can to prevent this from happening by following each step meticulously.


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