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India’s Largest Fitness Chain cult.fit enters UAE

India’s Largest Fitness Chain cult.fit enters UAE

Integrated healthcare platform cure.fit launched its new fitness revolution centre, cult.fit in Dubai at Palm Strip Mall. Headquartered in Bengaluru India, the healthcare company was founded in 2016 by Mukesh Bansal and Ankit Nagori with the aim to address preventive healthcare.

Funded by top investors like Accel Partners, Kalaari Capital, Chiratae Ventures, Ratan Tata, IDG Ventures, Pratithi Investment Trust among others, cure.fit has raised over $200 million in funding. cult.fit has 160 centres spread across six cities in India and has grown through its acquisitions of Fitness First, cult and tribe. India’s most loved fitness brand will be accessible to consumers in 50 Indian cities across 800 centres by 2020.

Through a combination of engagement, coaching, and delivery, cure.fit endows to live a healthy life. With its four verticals, cult.fit- focusing on physical strength and fitness; eat.fit- healthy and nutritive food; mind.fit – mental wellbeing and care.fit – primary healthcare; ensures customers are offered a holistic preventive healthcare experience.

Commenting on the launch, co-founder Ankit Nagori stated, “The growing awareness about healthy living and beating obesity amongst the Dubai population and the significant shift in demand from traditional gyms to newer group workout formats has been the key thrust for cult.fit to launch here. Dubai is the first international launch with plans for 10 Cult centers in 2019 and many more planned across the emirates by 2020.”

The centre offers state of the art facility with unlimited classes per subscription for different workout formats of cult.fit. Work out formats offered at cult.fit:

  • Yoga – The cult instructors infuse every class with an array of breathing techniques, a variety of postures and meditation techniques that helps in improving self-confidence and balance while gaining a stronger body in the process.
  • Boxing – This class is designed to help one hone self-defense skills and release stress by practicing powerful punches and knock-out kicks.
  • Strength & Conditioning – A combination of compound movements and high-intensity interval training that provides lasting fitness and enhanced endurance.
  • Sports Conditioning – Designed to train an individual like an athlete by putting oneself in situations that will help gain an edge through a series of resistance workouts.
  • Dance Fitness – A full body aerobic workout, divided into different genres of music providing peaks and troughs of intensity. Help boost confidence, ease stress, burn a lot of calories, improve cardiovascular & muscular endurance, lose weight, have fun and leave the room sweaty, happy and healthy.
  • HIIT – A training methodology which incorporates high-intensity exercises followed by planned intervals, repeated over multiple rounds to achieve faster result.
  • HRX – The workout is a combination of Primal movements, Zero momentum rep, compound movements & conditioning routines designed to challenge the human body and accelerate growth.
  • PROWL – A unique mix of combat, dance and functional fitness done to foot tapping music. The session will consist of skill teaching for combat like boxing, muay thai, mma, skill for dance and functional fitness.
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