ekar Supercharges its Abu Dhabi Fleet

ekar has supercharged its Abu Dhabi fleet with the addition of Mini-Coopers, Infiniti Q50s and Q70s, Nissan Kicks, and MG RX5 and ZS cars. Drivers in the UAE’s capital can now choose a car to match their mood.

“Owning the road, and not the car, couldn’t be easier. ekar is quick, simple, fun and an economical alternative to owning a car without the hassle of paying for insurance; petrol is also included as is complimentary public parking. What’s more, the flexible pricing structures means that users can choose to pay per minute, hour, daily or weekly depending on the driver’s needs with prices starting as low as 60 fils per minute,” said the company.

Since its launch in 2016, ekar has seen more than 15 million kilometers driven by its fleet which currently stands at 500 cars in the UAE and will pass more than 1,000 by the start of 2020.  ekar uses state-of-the-art instant reservations and smart access technology for its UAE fleet, providing a network of vehicles for on-demand rent. ekar enable users to easily discover and book available cars via its mobile app and website offering a “pay-by-the-use” pricing scheme.

Signing up for an ekar is simple, the only requirement being the user’s driving license to be at least six months old – if the user has a home country driver’s license they can use ekar right away even if their UAE license is less than 6 months old. UAE residents who want to register with ekar are required to submit the back and front copies of their Emirates ID and driving license. For visiting tourists, the requirement is a valid passport copy and visa stamp page together with their international driver license.


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