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Health and wellness start-up,, has announced the launch of at Shorooq Community Centre, Mirdif in Dubai. This will be the first international yoga studio for that integrates mindful yoga and meditation, with insights from modern psychology and science.

The sessions in are crafted by a team of experts, with a proper warm-up, balanced, full-body workout and cool down. As part of the launch celebration, the centre will be open to first-timers allowing them to experience the work out formats for select days. The vertical was introduced to provide seamless integration between physical and mental fitness.

The centre aims to help reduce stress and improve an individual’s focus, mood and generate positive energy resulting in good sleep and a better quality of life. provides a place to de-stress and find a connection between mind and body that will help individuals reach their overall wellness goals.

The training module is divided into 4 core categories

  1. Hatha – Classical style of yoga, done mindfully with an awareness of breath and mind
  2. Power Yoga – High on intensity, helps build strength, stamina and aids weight loss
  3. Relax Yoga – Helps wind down and quieten the mind after a long day
  4. Dance For Joy – Improve cognitive skills through fluid dance moves done to soulful, energetic, foot-tapping music

Commenting on the expansion plan, Ankit Nagori, co-founder,, said, “We are excited to announce the launch of our first centre in Dubai and to continue to pioneer the paradigm shift towards yoga and meditation in a unique way that enables overall growth. Our holistic approach to mental and physical fitness will help our customers find calm and balance in their increasingly fast-paced daily life. Dubai is the first international launch with a plan for 10 Cult centres by the end of 2019 and many more planned expansions across and our other verticals.”

Through a combination of engagement, coaching, and delivery, was set up with the mission to propagate healthy living. The four verticals, focusing on physical strength and fitness; – healthy and nutritive food; – mental wellbeing and – primary healthcare; ensures customers are offered a holistic preventive healthcare experience.

Earlier this year, the company announced the launch of its first fitness studio, at Palm Strip Mall, near La Mer. The centre offers state of the art facility with unlimited classes per subscription for different workout formats like Yoga, Boxing, Strength & Conditioning, Dance Fitness, HRX and so on.


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