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Bosch Brings Push Support and Automatic Braking Function to Strollers

Bosch’s all-new e-stroller system features an assistance system with a comprehensive range of comfort and safety features: in addition to offering push support and an automatic braking function. Further features include connectivity via a smartphone app, an alarm function, and a variety of high-tech sensors.

The system’s drive unit comprises two low-noise electric motors on the rear axle along with a Bluetooth module and a smart sensor system. The sensors, which are also employed in smartphones, measure things like the stroller’s speed and acceleration while assessing the road surface it is moving over.

On an uphill path, the motors automatically help push the stroller, as they do on an e-bike. When on a downhill slope, they step in to help brake. If the parents accidentally let go of the stroller, the motor brake prevents it from rolling away unchecked, and the electromechanical lock engages the parking brake. In line with Bosch’s typical approach of combining the highest technical standards with user-friendly operation, the e-stroller system has no need for additional switches or buttons on the push handle.

The electric assistance not only increases comfort and safety but also improves the stroller’s ergonomics. Bosch user testing showed that the e-stroller system can greatly improve parents’ posture, since it takes a lot less effort to push the stroller uphill, over uneven terrain, or into a headwind. Meanwhile, the self-braking electrical drive noticeably eases back strain when heading downhill.

The system’s steering support also brings clear benefits when pushing with just one hand. Among other things, this makes bends easier to manage. What’s more, the drive system helps keep the stroller on course when on a laterally sloping path. After all, parents often push a stroller with one hand, for instance when holding their child’s older sibling with the other hand.

Users can choose from three levels of electric assistance using the associated smartphone app (available for Android and iOS). The app communicates with the e-stroller system via Bluetooth. It also displays the charge level of the detachable battery and warns users in good time that power is running out.

The stroller’s handy, lightweight 18-volt lithium-ion battery is housed in a lockable compartment. The battery offers reverse-charging and has a range of up to 15 km, depending on the level of assistance selected and the weight of the stroller. Should the battery run out on the move, after all, the stroller can still be used as a normal stroller – with no perceptible motor resistance.

The app can be used to activate the alarm function, too, for instance when parents leave the stroller parked outside a café. Provided a Bluetooth connection has been established with a parent’s smartphone, a warning will appear if anyone tries to push the stroller away. In addition, an alarm will sound from the stroller’s integrated loudspeaker and the parking brake will automatically reengage.

The variable Bosch system is equally suitable for single, twin, or sibling strollers.


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