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Future Food 2019 All Set for the Big Launch

Future Food 2019 All Set for the Big Launch

Future Food 2019 is all set for the big launch tomorrow. The food and beverage event, hosted by UAE Food and Beverage Manufacturers Group, will bring together the manufacturing industry, developers, leaders in the sector and the industry experts food and beverage manufacturers, packaging industry experts, equipment manufacturers and other related leaders from the sector.

“We would like to support F&B manufacturers in reducing both their energy costs and environmental footprint through solar power generation,” says Rory McCarthy, Chief Commercial Officer of Yellow Door Energy. “We’re honored to be a part of this esteemed forum that brings together industry magnets. Together we can harness the sun’s energy to achieve economic and sustainability objectives.”

Talking about the key trends and innovations in the F & B sector, Shashank Vengsarkar, Managing Director of Dohler Middle East said, “We are planning to discuss a lot of things in the Future Food Forum around the subjects of Sustainability, Naturalness, Health & Functionality, Individualization, Digitalization and lastly Multi-Sensory Experiences. In line with the Health trend, one of hottest topics at the moment is definitely the sugar taxation in the beverage industry which will be extended to JNSD as of 1st December 2019 in both KSA & GCC. We are working strenuously with both our development teams & our customers to come up with solutions to help them mitigate the additional tax as also to upgrade their products for the end consumer benefits.”

Dr. Suheel Ahmed, the CEO of Arabian Foods, said, “There cannot be a better time to discuss food transformation than to stand at the doorstep of Expo 2020 with its theme connecting minds and creating the future. I am super excited and looking forward to being a part of FutureFood2019, a very unique and trendsetting event promising to initiate the process of innovation and disruption in the region.”

“We are glad to support Future Food 2019, an important platform for F&B manufacturers and leaders to meet and discuss the current trends and challenges that surround the industry,” says Mr. Ramy Jallad, Group CEO of RAKEZ. “At Rakez, we are home to over 960 F&B companies, covering the complete supply chain from dairy, confectionery and beverage productions to F&B processing, packaging and many more. Participating in events like this definitely gives us in-depth insight on how we can better support the growth of our F&B cluster, as well as attract more companies from this segment to take advantage of the cost-effective, efficient and business-friendly ecosystem that RAKEZ and Ras Al Khaimah offer.”

Luke Truin from Food People stated, “As people are at the core of every business, we identified Future Food Forum as the perfect opportunity to share insights and discuss common challenges around attracting and retaining human capital in the food and beverage industry. Food People are a specific food and beverage talent solutions business, born in Dubai, operating across the MEA region and beyond, that partners with organizations to create tailored solutions to support their human capital strategy.”

The forum will be a 2-day event with panel discussions and workshops. The Food and Beverages Manufacturers Group (FBMG) is an association that brings together all the F&B manufacturing firms in the UAE. Formed in 2012, under the auspices of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, FBMG is committed to the development of the food and beverage industry. This event is organized by Ejtemaat Knowledge Network.

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