Education is Our Key to Success: Axiory Global

Roberto d’Ambrosio, the Chief Executive Officer of Axiory Global Ltd, speaks about the CFD and Forex trading market and the role his company plays on the regional market

What sort of focus do you have for the UAE / Middle East market?
Middle East Market was our primary focus in the global expansion as we know how much the quality of service is valued in this area. Axiory Global is the synonym of top quality as we were born by servicing the clients with a professional and dedicated customer service team that rapidly became world-famous for their approachability and attention to details, providing top-notch service. Therefore, we decided that entering the GCC is a natural way of expansion for a Firm like ours. This is simply a place where our competitive advantage is valued the most.

Trading in CFDs and Forex is high risk, especially in a market such as the Middle East which is very volatile. How does the company work with traders and customers to make sure their investments are secured to a certain extent?
Trading CFDs and Forex can be of a high-risk investment activity only if you will allow it to be so. There are tools and processes which you can implement in order to limit this risk, maintaining it within certain, acceptable boundaries as linked to each individual risk profile and tolerance. We put a great emphasis on that, focusing on risk management as the most important tool for every trader.

We have it covered from both the safety and the educational aspect. First of all, we are a regulated broker, which puts huge attention to the compliance and legal aspects of the business. Funds of our clients are safe and secure. The second thing is the proper education that our clients receive.

We are creating a whole dedicated department, which will focus on providing top-quality knowledge and education to the traders. Starting from written analysis, short videos, FAQ, to continue with local presence all over the world in dedicated offices, seminars and trading events. With us, our clients will never be left alone to face the market. There will always be us, ready to help and support you in this journey.

Do you offer copy trading options? What are the benefits of using such options and techniques?
Copy-trading can be a useful tool if used wisely. We still think that traders, even when they are looking to delegate part of their trading to other professional traders, need to understand how the market works and acquire the skill to be able to analyze the track record of the different strategies that might be available.

We are in the process to evaluate such an option, but we will roll it out only when we will be absolutely sure that the technical environment is sound and robust. The strategies are appropriately backed up by verifiable track records and they do not pose excessive risks.

What sort of education do you offer to your customers/traders?
As mentioned before, education is our key to success and is one of the priorities for Axiory. What makes our company exceptional is the fact that education is provided by real traders, with years of experience. You will not receive ineffective, dry, quotes from a random book. All of our materials are based on thousands of hours spent in front of the screens, analyzing charts and “dancing” with the price. Actions always beat the words and in Axiory, you receive a more hands-on approach to trading.

Do you offer a demo account and do you handhold those new to CFD and Forex trading?
Yes, we offer demo accounts and we do believe that this is the way to start for every trader. To use a simple but definitely fitting and revealing similitude: pilots first train on simulators, don’t they? You need to get familiar with the basics of Forex on a demo account first before you will enter the market with “the big boys”.

Do not spend there too much time though. The demo can be tricky. The problem is that on a demo account you do not train your mind, you do not prepare yourself to trade from the psychological point of view. That is why, after an adequate but reasonable amount of time trading on a demo account, it would be advisable to test the water with a real account, so to factor in the psychological element, the mastering of which is a crucial element of success in trading.

What sort of opportunity do CFD and Forex trading offer?
It depends on the objective you want to pursue. Everybody can find their own way to approach trading and benefit from it. For the majority of traders, it is a meaningful way to diversify their investment portfolio, with uncorrelated investment activity.

For many, it is about freedom: freedom of not working for anyone else and freedom of working from wherever and whenever you want (and where you have internet). For others, it is a challenge: a way of testing their skills on a competitive market. Mastering the art of trading can give you a kind of fulfillment and sense of accomplishment which is beyond any other activity. There can be also flexibility, independence, self-development… you name it.

What is your advice to those looking to get into CFD and Forex trading?
Start this journey with a plan. Do not treat it as a one-time adventure but more like a long-time journey. A journey that you need to be prepared for. Enjoy the learning process. Learning new skills is always enjoyable, especially the one where you learn how to trade the financial markets. Focus on risk management and on the psychology involved in trading. Do not focus on “winning” straight away but focus on how to be a good trader: the one who keeps its emotions and exposure under control so to become consistently profitable over time.

With that kind of attitude and approach, results will follow. Trust the process and trust yourself. We genuinely believe that traders are made, not born. Lastly, one very important piece of advice: take time to carefully choose your broker. It must not be only your execution counterparty, but your trading partner. The right one is not the one that promises you wonders, but the one that is safe, fair and provides you with the tools you really need to succeed.

Disclaimer: Trading in Forex and CFDs involves high risk and can lead to the complete loss of your funds. Prior to trading CFDs, and Forex, you must be aware of the risks involved. Please do undertake due diligence in reviewing the provider’s terms and conditions and the trading platform they offer. Small Enterprise, Rysha Media and any of our publications and editors do not endorse the services mentioned above in the interview or Axiory Global. The information provided above is in good faith and is not endorsed by us or the publisher or any of the publications we publish.

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