Around 65% of Retail Purchases Were Through App and Mobile

Criteo has released the findings of its Global Commerce Review Report for Q2 2019, which reveals that retailers who promote an app continue to benefit from mobile purchases, including apps and mobile web, with 65 percent of all e-commerce transactions in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) coming from here. This is much higher than the 50 percent mobile share for retailers who don’t have an app and only rely on mobile web to sell a product.

The report analyzed browsing and purchasing data from over 6,500 retailers in more than 80 countries and found that shoppers continue to embrace web and smartphone app technology for purchases. But shopping apps continue to find more favour with shoppers, as the segment reports a conversion rate five times higher than on the mobile web.

For retailers who actively promote their shopping apps, the Middle East and Africa region specifically represent a high potential market. Given that many countries in the region began their journey with the internet on mobile devices rather than desktops, apps have played a phenomenal role in consumers’ daily lives. In fact, the Criteo report found that the share of app transactions in the MEA is 70 percent. This is much higher than many countries in the West, where users had to navigate their way around desktop legacies long before mobile internet arrived.

Alexander Gösswein, Regional Managing Director of Central Europe, Middle East, and Russia at Criteo, said: “Mobile devices have become an inseparable part of people’s lives in the region. Not only do they help organize schedules, but they also offer convenience and ease of transactions through various platforms. Rising mobile penetration in the region is also encouraging more retailers and brands to launch their own apps.”

Additionally, travel apps account for 37 percent of all bookings globally, up from 31 percent in Q4 2018. Given that apps make bookings infinitely easier, simplify transactions and can be accessed any time on the go, it comes as no surprise that this segment remains popular.

Gösswein added: “Creating convenient app and mobile web experiences will ensure that brands are top-of-mind for their loyal users. In markets such as the Middle East where mobile usage is high, this helps to build strong relationships with the customers and maintain strong sales moments throughout the year. This is especially true for travel, where hotels and flights are often booked on the go with a mobile device. To build travel loyalty and ensure that users book their next flight or holiday through an app, brands will have to ensure a seamless user experience on mobile devices.”


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