Invygo Expands its Family and Luxury Car Offerings


The addition of Ford and Mitsubishi increases the range of economy vehicles on the Invygo platform, while also expanding the options for subscribers with families. Customers can now subscribe to Ford Edge, Explorer, and Expedition models or alternatively, a Mitsubishi Pajero, when they’re looking for more room than a standard car. Al Tayer Motors also offers Lincoln, Maserati and Range Rover models, giving users the ability to subscribe to luxury cars on a flexible basis.

Through the new partnerships, Invygo will unlock a whole range of offerings to suit every need. The new range of SUV’s will allow families more flexibility, enabling them to make driving choices based on their monthly needs, upgrade to a large and spacious car when required without the commitment of ownership or having to worry about maintenance. The app will also be launching a new range of sports and luxury cars and motorheads on the lookout for a stylish and sleek drive can even opt to drive a Maserati.

Co-founder and CEO Eslam Hussein comments: “We’re always trying to do things differently to bring the best automotive experiences to the people of the UAE. Through our partnership with Al Tayer and Diamondlease/ Al Habtoor we now have an even greater range of vehicles from budget to premium. Customers can enjoy the luxury of a sports car one month and the affordability and quality of a crossover the next, all through an app.”

“Our business has grown steadily in the UAE since we started operations in April 2019. We’ve been able to offer more than 2600 cars, from 9 brands to our customers here to date and with the significant funding we’ve received recently, we’re working towards expanding Invygo to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and other GCC countries.”

Partha Barua, General Manager, Diamondlease L.L.C. comments: “We are delighted to partner with Invygo to bring to the residents of the UAE, an easy and affordable way to drive a car. We have various Mitsubishi models to offer customers through the app, and are excited to see more new-age, tech-savvy customers engage with our brand through the Invygo platform.”

In the case of cars, the cost attached to a depreciating asset is very high and the hassle of selling and buying a new car is often not worth it. Invygo offers quality cars without the commitment of ownership, all through a seamless app-based experience. It’s a monthly payment that customers can pause, cancel or upgrade any time after their first month. The app aims to attract users who are looking for high-quality customer experience and an alternative to the traditional car ownership and leasing options available in the market.

Invygo was founded by Eslam Hussein and Pulkit Ganjoo who are both IE Business School Alumni and have extensive experience in the automotive industry, finance, and machine learning. Working in the automotive sector, Eslam first realized that there is a significant gap between today’s fast-paced consumer demands and the traditional, limited options offered in the market.

With this insight, he began working on Invygo to eliminate the time-consuming process of car procurement. The focus was to make getting a car more customer-centric by giving consumers the ability to book a specific car, with the flexibility to change or upgrade as needed – all without owning a depreciating asset.


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