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In Business, It’s Survival of the Most Flexible

Written by Rosa Bullock, Founder and PR Guru at SOCIATE

Flexibility is being embraced on every front in the world of business. From flexible work, schedules to help parents juggle work and parenthood to offering clients credit when they don’t have the immediate funds to pay for a service. Agility and flexibility are the strengths that modern businesses should have in order to retain clients and survive during a business drought.

Flexible Payment Terms
SMEs lack the financial reserves that larger companies may have and appreciate all the financial flexibility they can get. Financial health can make or break small companies. Flexibility is an asset, earning you your clients’ loyalty. Flexibility is a key tenet of customer satisfaction. It demonstrates that a company cares about its customers and that its services are not exclusively pinned to its contract and financial agreement. During a time like this, your customers will remember you for your flexibility and commitment.

Revised Temporary Solutions
Don’t approach a client with a problem, approach them with a solution. By gamifying the way you run your business, and adapting rapidly to setbacks, your company will overcome the obstacles that come its way. Having a resilient “hustle” mindset ensures your company is agile, making the necessary adjustments and compromising in challenging situations.

You can choose from a range of ways to offer your clients temporary solutions – from support with emailers and design to reduced prices and complimentary services, outline the asset that YOU are to them.

Tailored Services
During this time, if you can’t actively service your clients, help them prepare for tomorrow. Drill down and discover the essence of your services, and mould them to take the shape of the current situation.

Creative Packages and Complimentary Perks
Lending a helping hand during a challenging time will ensure you stand apart from your competitors. “Bundling” your services by offering a reduced price with a complimentary perk is something your clients will appreciate.

A Meeting is Just a Click Away
During this challenging time, clients can feel uncertain about making the right move with their communications, especially if it’s their first time in a crisis. Make yourself and your services accessible by offering to be just a click away, ready to join a remote meeting, during working hours.

Time management is important here, so to ensure client communication doesn’t take up all the hours you have in your working day, lean towards emails and WhatsApp. Schedule all your meetings for a certain window every day, so that they’re not haphazard, resulting in clouding your concentration.

Super Flexible Payment Plans for Pending Client Debt
Client debt can severely affect a small company’s ability to perform. Unlike megacorps, small companies lack the resources to offer their clients credit that can be repaid in the future. Approach how you handle the situation, and how you communicate with your client, tactically. With the current situation weighing down on everyone’s financial reserves, chop your client’s debt into manageable payments. This will make repayment more practical for them, while your company continues to retain them as a client.

Teamwork – Together Even When You’re Apart
Employee layoffs have been rife during this uncertain time. Megacorps and small businesses alike have both been affected, putting senior management in a challenging situation. Get creative and flexible during this situation – make it exceedingly clear just how much you value your team, express the desire to retain them through thick and thin, and execute a reduced hours plan. With this approach, your company could possibly afford to remain in business, maximising creativity and limited resources.


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