Entourage Launches 3D Virtual Events Platform Called Eve

As the world comes together to define the new normal, all eyes are on tech innovations to revolutionize the way we work, communicate, socialize, and network. entourage, a leading live communications agency in the Middle East, has announced the launch of eve, a virtual events platform unlike any other, bridging the gap between the real and virtual world. eve is an immersive virtual experience, recreating an offline event in a 3D environment.

With the launch of the virtual platform, entourage wants to change the way events are perceived. Everything on eve can be planned and executed exactly like a physical event, from branding to main stage events, workshops, one-on-one meeting rooms, exhibitions, networking areas, ordering a cup of coffee, and much more. eve is fully integrated with e-commerce, therefore products exhibited can be purchased directly from the app.

The app can also facilitate the integration of a full studio set up for speakers and panelists. eve allows the visitor to fully experience a conference journey like in the real world, starting by creating their avatar, going through the registrations process, moving into the networking area where they can enjoy the 3D environment of the conference, meet an unlimited number of conference attendees with the possibility of networking with them or schedule one-on-one meetings with them.

Attendees can choose up to five workshops to attend and then reach the main conference area, where they can choose their seats to attend the main event. Panelist on the stage will be displaying their content on the main screen, and the attendees can download these files at a later stage or watch them again if they miss an important session. In addition to that, the speaker can be provided with an entire studio set up that will transmit directly to the virtual event to maintain the quality of the broadcast. Also, speakers can be connected directly through video conferencing.

Commenting on the launch of eve, Mohammed Tayem, CEO of entourage, said, “In our endeavour to support our partners and the marketing industry as a whole, to conduct business as usual and minimize the impact of the global pandemic, we are launching eve – virtual events platform. With the launch of eve, we want our clients to explore the potential of virtual events, which is set to become an indispensable tool in the world of experiential marketing. It is also a great tool for cost-saving and minimizing the carbon footprint of the events sector. The trend is set to continue for the foreseeable future, even after the pandemic has been controlled.”

Keeping it as close to a real event, the attendees will have to follow similar procedures like registrations, seat selection, walking through the event venue to check out the workshops, speaker sessions, panel discussions, exhibition area, networking zones, and so on. The only difference will be that the attendees, speakers, production crew, event organisers and everyone involved will be managing everything remotely.

Tayem continued, “Virtual events and offline events are not substitutes for each other, we see them converging in the near future to maximize the potential reach of events and attract global audiences. We are very excited to see how this overlay pans out as the limitation of being physically present at events is eliminated. Being a live communications agency, we at entourage can bring our all-round expertise of creative, social, digital, PR, production, and event management services on board to support the client in every possible way. ”

Virtual events can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Speakers and panellists will be live through video calls and all incoming feeds will be integrated on to the virtual platform. The events will provide great networking and meeting opportunities to attendees. Question and Answer sessions with speakers and panellists will be available as well through live chat facilities accessible by everyone. An event on eve has the ability to host innumerable attendees and multiple events at the same time.

With eve, you can attend an event at any screen near you. Real events lack detailed reporting capabilities about the attendee’s journey. eve, being a virtual platform, is enabled with data analytics tools that can trace the customers’ journey and map their behaviour from beginning to the end. This data can help clients understand customer behaviour and predict patterns that can be used to plan other events more efficiently. eve will be available to download on Google Play Store, Apple App Store for mobile and desktop versions.


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