Dubai Chamber Launches Task Force to Tackle Late Payments Issue

Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry has announced the launch of a task force under its Sustainability Network, which will address the issue of late payments to subcontractors and suppliers. The Task Force on Prompt Payment Practices for Subcontractors and Suppliers, joined by member companies representing a wide variety of economic sectors, will explore the root causes of late payments, raise awareness about the matter and encourage the adoption of best payments practices within the business community in Dubai.

Research conducted by the task force will focus on analysing the gravity of the situation and create tools and processes in line with global best practices that can be adopted by companies to increase efficiency and promptness in payments. Member companies will publish guidelines to help suppliers and sub-contractors avoid and manage late payments and encourage businesses to sign the Dubai Chamber Prompt Payment Charter under which businesses will commit to abiding by key principles and tackling the culture of late payment by setting a positive example. The Charter will also encourage signatories to develop policies for prompt payment and measure their own performance in paying its contractors.

Member companies on the task force are Suez Middle East Recycling, Gerab Group, Scott Bader Middle East Limited, Hepworth, Dgrade LLC, Tristar Group, Pure Energy, Infofort and Dubai Technologies. Launched in 2010, the Dubai Chamber Sustainability Network is a thriving CSR/Sustainability Business Group within the Dubai Chamber for businesses in UAE.

The Dubai Chamber Sustainability Network serves as a platform for member companies to identify and share expertise on CSR and sustainability challenges and develop practical solutions. The network also provides the opportunity to its members to engage with key stakeholders including government bodies.

The Centre for Responsible Business (CRB) was established by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2004 to support and promote corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability. The Centre’s objective is to engage the Dubai business community in assuming greater responsibility for the emirate’s social and environmental needs. The CRB also promotes Dubai as the GCC’s gateway for global commerce by offering its business partners an environment of transparency and rule of law.


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