UAE-Based Fully Integrated E-commerce Platform TelrShops Launched

A new service called TelrShops ( was launched today by the UAE based online payment gateway Telr. An eCommerce platform that enables merchants to grow their business online. It serves as a long-awaited medium that assists all merchants across industries in offering their products and services online or enhancing their current online activities. Merchants will have access to all the necessary tools to create unique virtual shops through a simple, fast, and secure process. “The platform is fully integrated with the Telr Payment Gateway enabling merchants to accept all kinds of online payments; a much-needed feature to enhance competitiveness and conform to the current trend of moving toward digital payments in line with UAE’s Vision to achieve a cashless society by 2021,” the company said.

“TelrShops serves the need for a long-awaited medium in the UAE and KSA markets. The platform will support merchants of all sizes, and across a number of industries, in growing their business operations by helping them migrate their product and service offerings online, or by enhancing their current digital capabilities. With TelrShops, merchants will have access to all the necessary tools and resources required to create unique virtual shops,” the company said in a statement.

The platform will provide an advanced eCommerce solution that caters to all the different needs of merchants and uses the latest, most cutting-edge technologies, that offer a flexible and seamless user experience. TelrShops will further allow users to fully access and manage their online shops, at their convenience, via the TelrShops App, where they can also oversee and plan their inventory and orders in an easy, secure, and efficient manner at any given time.

Furthermore, the TelrShops website offers merchants an easy-to-use platform that allows them to create a professional and engaging online shop in only 5 minutes without the pre-requisite of needing any complex associated technical skills or web development experience. This means that any licensed business can use the platform to create an online shop without any hassle. The platform also hosts more than 50 unique themes that have been carefully designed to give merchants the freedom and ability to create, personalize, and customise the look and feel of their virtual shops.

In addition to a value-adding upgrade on basic services offered by other eCommerce platforms, TelrShops users will be able to benefit from a vast array of practical features which include the integrated use of Telr’s award-winning TelrPayment gateway, inventory and store management via the Telr Shops App, access to data insights and analytics, custom tax management services, orders management, domains integration, multi-currency stores, and 24×7 customer support. The service also promises to offer all TelrShops users access to Telr’s wide-range of industry-leading payment solutions along with providing integrated shipping options that are undertaken by prominent shipping companies.

Commenting on the launch of TelrShops, Telr CEO Khalil Alami, said, “For more than six years, Telr has specialized in award-winning payment gateway solutions for SME’s, and we are pleased to have channeled our expertise into a platform that addresses the unique challenges we’ve seen merchants face over the years. In line with the key pillars of the UAE Vision 2021, we at Telr, are proud to be helping merchants of all sizes, and across different industries, to seamlessly transition towards a cashless payments society.”

Alami went on to add: “Historically, pandemics and crises have been considered the authors of a new era in the global economic landscape, and represent a major business paradigm-shift factor. Consequently, with the on-set recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, all sectors globally are now quickly re-shaping to adapt to a new and digital-focused business model in order to ensure business continuity. The COVID-19 pandemic has also secured the position of payment gateways and eCommerce platforms, such as Telr, at the backbone of any economy.” Alami also said: “As economies and governments from around the world gradually come out of the lockdown phase and ease movement restrictions, we are witnessing a rapidly increasing trend that focuses on the adaptation phase, where basic digitization of all industries has become the new norm. As a result, the eCommerce industry is strategically positioned to become the foundation of the next economic phase, as businesses of all shapes and sizes rush to move their operations online. And companies such as Telr are at the core of facilitating this paradigm-shift.”


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