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Australian Nobel Laureate Professor Marshall and Pankaj Savara Partner to Set Up Tri-Med’s UAE Office

Australian Nobel Laureate Professor Marshall and Pankaj Savara Partner to Set Up Tri-Med’s UAE Office

Australia based Tri-Med, a leading healthcare brand has chosen UAE as its regional headquarters in partnership with Former Western Australian Trade Commissioner, Pankaj Savara for Asia, and Africa region. Tri-Med is a Perth based organisation founded in 1996 by Nobel Laureate Professor Barry Marshall to satisfy a need for the design, development, and distribution of a safe, reliable diagnostic test to detect ‘Heliobacter Pylori‘, commonly known as H. pylori bacteria.

In the ‘spirit of Aussie entrepreneurship’, Professor Marshall famously ingested H.pylori to prove the link between the bacteria and its role in gastritis and peptic ulcer disease. This single act of bravery has resulted in a cure for stomach ulcers which has helped millions of people around the world. It also resulted in a Nobel Prize for Professor Barry Marshall and Dr. Robin Warren. Professor Marshall has also been invited to speak at Arab Health, one of the world’s largest healthcare events, to be held in Dubai in June this year.

H.E. Ian Halliday, Australian Consul General in Dubai, and General Manager, Australian Trade and Investment Commission for the Middle East, Africa and Turkey stated that “We applaud Professor Marshall’s achievements in the health sector and are delighted to learn of Tri-Med’s expansion plans of setting up a regional hub office in the UAE. Healthcare has become an increasingly important service sector globally, and we are pleased to introduce Australian capabilities and best practices in healthcare to this region.”

Tri-Med’s Founder and Nobel Laureate Professor Marshall was excited to announce the appointment today, “The UAE offers a perfect hub for Tri-Med for its expansion plans in The Middle East and Asia. Tri-Med has been exporting into the region since 2008 and coincidentally Pankaj Savara was instrumental in helping us to connect to markets in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia back then”.

“We are very happy to have Pankaj on board as a regional partner to help consolidate our presence in this marketplace. Pankaj brings a wealth of experience to our business, after having spent 18 years as a Trade Commissioner in Dubai. Our investment demonstrates a deep commitment to continuing to grow our international markets and improve the service to our existing clients,” added Professor Marshall.

Tri-Med has expanded both its product base and international footprint and now markets PYtest, CLOtest, Scintillation and Collection Fluids, and associated Therapeutics throughout Australia and to a worldwide market including over 30 export destinations. When asked what attracted him to the role, Pankaj responded, “I have watched Tri-Med grow its presence in the region for many years. I believe that Tri-Med will add tremendous value to the region and has excellent potential to grow and capitalize on the brand’s prominence as an Ulcer Diagnostic. I also feel a connection to the purpose of the business, which is the global detection and treatment of Helicobacter Pylori. I look forward to further strengthening the organisation’s position in the global market.”

Australia has been one of the countries to successfully contain the COVID-19 pandemic and one of the objectives of this partnership is to share Australian best health practices and services with the rest of the world with the purpose of resolving health-related challenges.

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