Ariston Thermo Group Becomes Ariston Group

Ariston Thermo Group, the Italian company and international leader in the production and sales of renewable and high-efficiency solutions for hot water and space heating for domestic and commercial needs, announces it will change its name to Ariston Group starting from 1st October 2021. After more than 12 years since the introduction of the name Ariston Thermo Group, the company has decided to evolve further with a small, yet significant, change. The new name is short, agile, and concrete and aims at better reflecting the essence of the Group, focusing on two key elements.

Ariston is the historical brand that draws its origins from the name of the founder Aristide Merloni and the concept of “best” in ancient Greek. Since its introduction, it is the synonym of change, innovation, and sustainability. In this way the company wants to further reaffirm its solid foundations, strengthening its identity and remaining faithful to its heritage.

The second element, Group, emphasizes the central role of all the brands the Group has acquired over its long history, brands and organizations that over time have enriched the company’s offerings and its global presence. “Group” thus reflects the international reach of the company, its human component, the cohesion of its people, brands, and activities.

The name change consolidates the path of the company, which keeps pursuing its objectives and investing in its values under the renewed aegis of Ariston Group. “Ariston has always been synonymous with attention and care for the home, people and families through sustainable solutions of the highest quality. The vision of our Group, Sustainable Comfort for Everyone, and the values that have guided it since its foundation, put people, our customers, and suppliers, our employees and collaborators in every corner of the world at the center,” says Paolo Merloni, Executive Chairman of Ariston Group. “We proudly introduce this small change that is, however, a twofold big step: that of reaffirming our origins, and that of reiterating how much these origins are now the common heritage of a Group and its people, active all over the world.”


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