Eze Lease Brings Lifestyle Subscription Platform to the UAE

Dubai-based Eze Lease has launched a Lifestyle Rental Platform covering furniture, furnishing, electrical appliances, and more. “Moving to a new country or home is not easy and can be expensive with a lot of first-hand expenses incurred on furniture and furnishings. This can be costly for both the consumer and the environment. As ‘fast furniture’ accrues in landfills with people moving from property to property, it is advisable to simply rent products like beds, sofa, and kitchen appliances. With Eze Lease, the users can rent a bed for as low as 40 Aed or avail a complete Studio Package of 9 products starting at AED 499, that also includes appliances,” explains Faisal Mushtaq, CEO of Eze Lease.

Mushtaq believes that renting as a concept offers one the flexibility to subscribe and unsubscribe at a click of a button without the nuances of owning a product. “This flexibility and convenience make it pandemic proof. It was this thought that prompted him to bring a significant shift in the ‘buy, use and throw’ culture and push towards a sustainable way of living,” he added.

Eze Lease is backed by Private Equity, Greenfield Advisory Singapore. Greenfield earnestly believes that the UAE is the perfect market for adopting a circular economy in its truest sense. “As a country, most of the UAE population is expatriates. 85% of them choose to stay on rent and Eze lease is an automatic extension to the same way of life, a smarter one indeed which gives a choice to their customers that is defined more by Sustainability, Mobility, Flexibility, Affordability & Convenience as converse to the conventional way of owning a product. Something that was non-existent in this part of the world,” said Saumyendra Mehra, CEO – Greenfield Advisory.


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