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RAKEZ Integrates Digital Signature Through UAE PASS

RAKEZ Integrates Digital Signature Through UAE PASS

Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ) has taken its digital transformation further with the addition of a digital signature feature to RAKEZ Portal 360, an online self-service platform for clients. The new online solution provides an ease to investors, allowing them to sign official documents remotely and complete transactions wherever they are.

RAKEZ is among the first economic zones in the country to adopt digital signature to its processes. The feature is made possible by UAE PASS, the first national digital identity, and signature solution that enables users to securely log in to various government, semi-government and private entity services through their websites and apps, as well as sign documents digitally with a high level of security.

“RAKEZ is now accessible more than ever to our clients through the integration of UAE PASS to our e-services. Our clients can now complete several important transactions, such as submitting business set-up applications, renewing licences, and signing Memorandum of Association, without having to physically visit our service centres,” said Ramy Jallad, Group CEO of RAKEZ.

“We are working towards streamlining our customers’ journey from A to Z by implementing a range of digital tools. This is among our many other strategies to enhance the ease of doing business within our zone as well as future-proof our organisation, ensuring that we can support our clients in any situation,” Jallad said.

Over the past few months, RAKEZ has been achieving significant milestones in terms of digital transformation. Some of its most recent efforts include the complete online business set-up, allowing clients to register their business from anywhere; and the launching of its ‘one-click shop’ approach through RAKEZ Portal 360, a solution implemented by the economic zone where investors can submit service requests, track the status and settle their balance.

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