Careem Expands Quik Grocery to Deliver to 90% of Super App Customers in Dubai

Careem has expanded the Quik grocery delivery network to reach 90% of Super App customers in Dubai. Careem Quik covers areas including Dubai Marina, Dubai Media City, Business Bay, DIFC, Jumeirah, Motor City, Al Qouz, and surrounding areas.

Careem launched the Quik network of dark stores in December 2021 to bring immediate necessities to customers at supermarket-competitive prices, 24/7. Quik offers everyday supermarket goods such as fruits and vegetables, dairy and eggs, water, bakery goods, and even back-to-school items. Since its launch, Quik has tripled its customer base month on month.

Careem Quik uses advanced fulfillment and inventory management tech to operate and control the entire supply chain process, from ordering and fulfillment to managing inventory and delivery. This allows Careem to respond to customer orders quickly and with reduced replacement rates so that deliveries are prepared within 2 minutes. As a result, less than 1% of Quik orders need to have items replaced.

Chase Lario, Global GM of Groceries, commented on the expansion, “We’re excited to see Quik’s order numbers triple month on month as more customers choose the service for faster delivery of their everyday needs. Our mission at Careem is to simplify lives, and Quik is doing this by enabling our customers to have their groceries with a new standard of speed and efficiency. We’re excited to soon introduce Quik to more parts of the UAE, and the wider region, to make grocery shopping even more convenient for more people.”

The average basket size for Quik orders has grown by 70% since launch, while the number of grocery items has increased by 50% since July to offer more variety to customers. Top items for Quik delivery include water, with bananas as a close second. In addition, Careem has seen buying patterns and behavior differ by demographic and segment. Families in suburban areas tend to order larger packaging sizes, for example, one-kilogram tubs of yogurt, whereas a young adult in dense urban areas would opt for a smaller yogurt size.

Careem has also seen a difference in ordering patterns based on location and timing. There is a higher demand for sweet snacks such as candy and chocolate around late afternoon, typically at the end of school days, while breakfast cereal, milk, and bread spike in the morning.

Careem plans to expand Quik across the UAE and cities across the region. In the UAE, the Careem app offers over a dozen services, including ride-hailing, food, micro-mobility, payments, and partner services, including car rental, home cleaning, and PCR testing.


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