William Russell Partners with TruDoc to Provide Free Telemedicine Services to its Members in the UAE

Health insurance provider, William Russell, has partnered with TruDoc to bring complementary telemedicine services to all its members living in the UAE with a health insurance plan. Benefits of telemedicine:

  1. Virtual doctor consultations: The app gives members unlimited virtual access to doctors over video calls, voice calls, or live chat.

  2. Multilingual support: Doctors are available over the app who speak up to four languages: English, Hindi, Arabic, and Urdu.

  3. Online prescriptions: Doctors can prescribe medication (including refills) over the app. The app also arranges delivery to the member’s home or work address. Members can also arrange lab tests and blood sample collections over the app.

  4. Access to dietitians and psychologists: Members aren’t limited to virtual consultations with doctors. Members can also book consultations with a dietitian or psychologist over the app.

  5. Specialists referrals: If a doctor concludes that a member needs a consultation with a specialist, the doctor can arrange this through the app.

Members simply need to download the TruDoc smartphone app. It’s free of charge, and utilisation does not affect the member’s renewal premium. Tariq Siddiqi, Commercial Director at William Russell commented, “We’ve been working tirelessly to improve our service proposition in the UAE. Telemedicine was a big gap, so I’m delighted with our partnership with TruDoc. We’re excited at the benefits this partnership will bring to our members in the UAE.”

“A good standard of healthcare, in a country where health and well-being are increasingly important, is a big plus for anyone moving to the UAE. When it comes to healthcare, it’s vital not to leave anything to chance. A good understanding of the UAE’s healthcare system, its restrictions and how to access it, are crucial when it comes to taking care of your health and that of your family. When you know that you and your family can access the care you may need if problems arise, you can relax and make the most of your new life in this beautiful country,” he added.


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